Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance

Business owners, landlords and individuals may get entangled in various disagreements or queries with employees or employers, governmental bodies, clients, suppliers, contractors and tenants.


If one of these disputes remained unresolved and started to affect the profitability of a business or an individual’s financial health, resolution through legal action may be the only option. However, without adequate cover, the costs involved in perusing legal action could be prohibitive.


Target market

MGAM’s Legal Expenses Division has been established to support brokers and MGAs that require capacity for Commercial Legal Expenses, Family Legal Protection products and Landlord’s Legal Expenses and Rent Protection.

Our target will be primarily brokers who have: –

  • a large Commercial SME book of business
  • a large residential let property book of business.
  • MGA’s and affinity groups that require capacity.

Employment Dispute Protection

The product will provide cover for:

  • Employment Disputes
  • Employment Tribunal Awards
  • Breach of Restrictive Covenants
  • Defence of Legal Rights
  • Property Disputes
  • Tax Investigations and Disputes
  • Personal Injury (not against the employer)
  • Jury Summons
  • Statutory Licence Appeal
  • Contract Disputes
  • Recovery of Undisputed Debts.

Family Legal Protection

The product will provide cover for:

  • Employment Protection
  • Consumer Contract Disputes
  • Property Disputes
  • Tax Enquiries
  • Personal Injury
  • Clinical and Medical Negligence
  • Defence of Legal Rights
  • Jury Service and Witness Expenses
  • Identity Theft Assistance.

Landlord’s Legal Expenses and Rent Protection

The product will provide cover for:

  • Repossession
  • Rent Recovery
  • Damage to Property
  • Nuisance and Trespass
  • Defence of Criminal Prosecutions
  • Contract Disputes
  • Tax Enquiries
  • Witness Expenses
  • Unrecovered Rent.

MGAM – Here’s why

  • We are a Lloyd’s approved Coverholder.
  • You have the support of an experienced team of professionals ready to respond to referrals.
  • All our products are developed in collaboration with our partners and are designed with you in mind.
  • We constantly monitor emerging trends and are perfectly positioned to provide pioneering solutions.
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“Most importantly the MGAM team are a pleasure to work with.”

David Heeney, Underwriter, The Fiducia MGA Co Ltd.

For more information contact

Mark Fisher
M: +44 (0)7887 248 844