Excess of Loss

Companies across a wide range of industries are increasingly finding it important to purchase top-up liability coverage to ensure they’re fully protected.


The need to ensure that businesses are adequately protected has never been greater. Even a relatively small incident can result in a large claim for loss that could bring a business to its knees.


Here are some reasons why your clients may want to consider the MGAM Excess of Loss Policy:

  • Rising claims inflation
  • Contract stipulations
  • Government and local authority requirements
  • Increasing estimated maximum losses
  • An increasingly litigious environment.



Key points

  • Cover arranged with “A” rated carriers.
  • Instant quotations via MGAM’s market leading Quote and Bind platform.
  • System generated documents available immediately at point of sale.
  • Statement of fact basis – no need for proposal form.
  • No requirement to see primary wordings before going on cover.


Excess of Loss insurance provides a business with additional cover above their primary liability policy, providing protection from major incidents that could exceed their primary insurance.

When the primary insurer may not be able to provide the limit of indemnity required, either through lack of available capacity or appetite, we can top-up their cover to ensure your clients get the protection they need.

The MGAM Excess of Loss policy offers: –

  • Public and Products Liability layers up to £15m
  • Minimum attachment at £2m
  • Issued as a standalone policy
  • Can follow all authorised EU registered insurers.

Target market

  • UK based companies with a turnover threshold of £350m
  • A broad underwriting appetite, including hundreds of trades across a wide range of sectors.
  • Overseas exposures acceptable.

Claims expertise

If your client needs to make an Excess of Loss claim, it’s likely to be because of a serious incident that requires immediate expertise.

By their very nature, claims occurring under an Excess Layer Liability policy are large and your clients need the support of experienced personnel at the moment disaster strikes.

The MGAM Excess of Loss policy provides access to a dedicated, experienced Major Loss Team at the insurer, that will liaise with the primary insurer and provide the most appropriate solutions to get your clients trading again as quickly as possible.

MGAM – Here’s why

  • We are a Lloyd’s approved Coverholder.
  • Our technology led solutions put you in control by allowing you to quote, bind and issue documents at the press of a button.
  • You have the support of an experienced team of professionals ready to respond to referrals.
  • All our products are developed in collaboration with our partners and are designed with you in mind.
  • We constantly monitor emerging trends and are perfectly positioned to provide pioneering solutions.
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“Their quote & bind platform is user friendly, flexible and efficient.”

David Heeney, Underwriter, The Fiducia MGA Co Ltd.

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