Landowners Liability

Product Landowners Liability
Product Manufacturer Joint Carrier & MGAM
Carrier Convex

Product Approval Process

The POG concluded that the product is suitable for the target property owners and responds to their relevant legal exposures.

Who this Product is suitable for:

Consumer land owners provides public liability cover for consumer owned land. For example consumers who own land set aside for development, woodland, private land which may be owned which is seperate from the their home address. Cover is provided in the event a members of the public is injured on the property and the insured is deemed to be at fault.

Who this Product is not suitable for:

Any and all commercial clients.


Product Suitable Distrubution Strategy

Distribution Method Yes/No
Sold directly to customer by our firm No
Sold to the customer via Appointed Representative Yes
Sold via other intermediaries between us and the end-customer Yes
Sold via a comparison website No
MGAM Delegated Authority (Transactional) Yes
MGAM B2B2B Quote & Bind Platform No
MGAM B2B2C Quote & Bind Platform (first party system) No
MGAM B2B2C Quote & Bind Platform (third party system) No
Sub Delegated Authority (Coverholder) Yes
Coverholder B2B Quote & Bind Platform No
Coverholder B2C Quote & bind Platform No

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