Protection for Employees – MGAM Corporate Personal Accident Policy

boot stepping on a nail

May 25, 2021

Unfortunately, accidents both big and small can happen in the workplace.

Fact – The fatal injury rate to Construction workers is almost

4x the All industry rate.[1]

Being unable to work because of injury may have a dramatic impact on your client’s finances so it’s good to know that the MGAM Corporate Personal Accident Policy can lend a helping hand while they are out of action.

At the heart of the MGAM Corporate Personal Accident policy lies a fair, caring, fast claims service.

At the moment of truth, when it comes to making a claim, you can be confident in AmTrust’s commitment to protecting your clients’ and their ability to deliver claims expertise and settlements in a prompt. and hassle-free way.

In an increasingly at-risk world, help cover life’s hazards, because accidents happen.

To find out more about the MGAM Contractors Combined Liability Policy visit our website or contact Monica King Divisional Director UK SME

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[1] Source – HSE Construction Statistics 2020