Café Package

Product Café Package
Product Manufacturer Carrier
Carrier MS Amlin

Product Approval Process

This product has been reviewed by MGAM’s Product Oversight Group (POG). It concluded the product risk review was successfully completed, including consideration of the wording, and did not identify any concerns or require any further actions. The product is suitable for the target businesses and responds to their exposure to losses arising in relation to legal exposures, loss/damage to property, and other relevant perils. The POG did not identify characteristics in relation to the various areas of potential risk.

Who this Product is suitable for:

Tea Room, Coffee Shops, Sandwich Shop, Cafes & Ice Cream Parlour Owners who may own or rent their trading space and provide hospitality services including food and drink (hot or cold) to members of the public. These could be high street operations with members of the public entering their premises, have a number of staff as well have property which could be at risk to theft, fire, water damage and a number of other known perils.

Who this Product is not suitable for:

This product is not suitable for Consumers – any natural person purchasing a policy which is unrelated to their trade and/or occupation, retailers or policyholders operating from a residential premises.


Product Suitable Distrubution Strategy

Distribution Method Yes/No
Sold directly to customer by our firm No
Sold to the customer via Appointed Representative Yes
Sold via other intermediaries between us and the end-customer Yes
Sold via a comparison website No
MGAM Delegated Authority (Transactional) Yes
MGAM B2B2B Quote & Bind Platform Yes
MGAM B2B2C Quote & Bind Platform (first party system) No
MGAM B2B2C Quote & Bind Platform (third party system) No
Sub Delegated Authority (Coverholder) No
Coverholder B2B Quote & Bind Platform No
Coverholder B2C Quote & bind Platform No

For more information contact

Oliver Lawton
Head of Underwriting Support Services

T:+44 (0)203 946 9102
M:+44 (0)788 129 9867